Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I like almost everything about this illustration except the coke can. I may scrap the whole thing an start from scratch. Any suggestions?


Ryan said...

jess- i like this a lot..kind of a diff. direction for you!
i think maybe she's sitting on it a bit weird, also i think you could have "shaded" the can better.
you could start it over i guess, i think its still pretty sweet!

Mike Gorman said...

Nice, but keep an eye on your anatomy. The armpit is too thick, and I agree about how she is siting - I don't think you could actually sit in that position with the knees and feet pointing in the way they are. (But then again, I'm an old man who can barely cross his legs ;-),

I did this right quick as an example:

Is this just for fun? I do dig it. I'm just knit-picking the anatomy... but considering you are doing a pin-up, you want the anatomy to be dead on.

Mike Gorman said...

One other thing: with metal, remember to be very deliberate with both highlights and shadows. They should be very stark, almost like bands. Kirby was a king at doing metal.... check him out (I know, I always bring up Kirby...)