Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Saw A Totoro

Okay, so i used to an anime HATER but my girlfriend has been renting movies by Hayao Miyazaki, among them My Neighbor Totoro.
I was inspired when i came across The Totoro Forest Project, a gallery consisting of paintings and prints from a vast array of artists. Apparently the forest that inspired the movie is in danger of being cut down and they are raising money to save it.
Anyway i haven't watercolored in a while, i realized that i really miss it. Starting them is the hardest part, but a finished piece is worth it.


J.Shea said...

that's awesome ryan! i love it! almost as much as I love that movie. Great composition and pallet.

Jamie said...

That is so beautiful! And the totoro forest project...
I think I'm gonna cry. We have been fans of that movie and need to see it frequently.
anime can be moving....
keep up the good work.
I am starting an illo 1 class tomorrow and will be showing student works to get em all riled up.
Yours especially!