Wednesday, July 23, 2008

@ the movies

here's what i've been working on the last couple days, The Joker and Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men. I like them 'cause they're loose and colorful, while retaining my line work. This way of working is more liken to how i was working in school, and i could see this in a magazine (i think). What do you think?


JCoN said...

definitely can see these on a t shirt or notebook. killer, love the joker one by the way.

J.Shea said...

i love the no country piece- i think the looseness of the watercolor really works with it. and nice evil red eyes.

Mike Gorman said...

I dig them a LOT, but I really think you should try some more Photoshop work. These would never print well on newsprint, as an example.

Maybe, in the future, you should scan in the line work first, so you can try out both watercolor and Photoshop.

I'm just thinking of the current trends in editorial illustration, and that A.D.s seem to be having a love affair with really punchy color right now....

Also, try your hand at not boxing things in all the time - it'd be a bigger pain to run copy around an illo with an off-kilter box as opposed to none at al, actually.

But damn fine likenesses.