Sunday, June 8, 2008


Hi blog, this is Audrey and I am posting to tell yous how i used my Illustration degree to get a pretty decent job.

So basically I just got this job designing, building, and painting signs on huge tents. They pay pretty well, have full benefits, and it's kind of artsy, well moreso than housekeeping. When I went for an interview they said, "well we couldnt help but notice that you have no prior experience doing anything that requires any skill", which is pretty harsh but true.

They were interested in my art degree however, because they needed someone who could illustrate people's ideas for custom awnings and tents. I told them that my whole art school career was about communicating people's ideas and building things, so they hired me based on that.

Of course I still plan on getting a studio and making art my job, but its nice to know that you can use your art degree to get better than average employment in the meantime.


Jamie said...

Are yous riding your bike yet???

Oddrey said...

yea i will really soon i promise! i have to renew me insurance an liscense but ill ride it on the island before i do that anyways.